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Joe Hogsett

A Message from Mayor Joe Hogsett

Data is an essential resource that can help our society run more efficiently and more effectively. The data available through this portal spans every category—from education to crime to transportation and land use. At the city and county level we continue to integrate such data into our administrative processes in order to make informed and targeted decisions and policies. Through tools like this, we invite you, the scholar, developer, and citizen, to help us build knowledge and govern transparently.

Mayor Joe Hogsett

Mayor Joe Hogsett's Plan to

Disclose Indy

The OpenIndy Data Portal contains all data required by Disclose Indy, a plan to promote honesty, integrity, and cost savings in local government. The Disclose Indy ordinance ensures public access to the following information: city or county contracts, ethics filings, campaign finance reports, crime statistics, community resources, budget and spending information, audits, and any other documents or information deemed appropriate by the Office of Corporation Counsel.

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