Welcome to the portal for viewing and searching City & County Contracts!   This application provides easy and convenient access to public contracts electronically and includes a searchable index feature.   Contracts dating back to January 1, 2007, are available for review by clicking the links below.  Once inside the search application, you may easily search for contracts based on contracting entity, vendor name, and other search criteria.  Sec. 141-105 of the Revised Code of the Consolidated City and County requires that all contracts entered into by the City of Indianapolis and Marion County be made freely available to the public within twenty-one (21) days of final approval of the contract.  Therefore, you will see new contracts continually added to this tool.Please note that contracts available electronically are redacted as required by state law.  The City and County strive to improve the transparency of government operations and services, and endeavor to make information more accessible to all citizens.  We hope you find the search application useful and visit this site frequently.To Review the City / County Contracts electronically Click Here*Note: Please click on "Guest Sign In" to log in.How to Use the City / County Contracts PortalFrequently Asked Questions  

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